Young Tinker Academy presents

Young Tinker Academy is providing a platform for the students from class 1 to 12 to present and showcase their projects and ideas to the world in the TED style talks!

TED Ed Student Talk : Season 1

We conducted Young Tinker Academy’s first ever TED Ed Student Talks where we invited 7 wonderful student speakers. These speakers shared their thoughts on – “Small ideas can be the next big thing”

This topic is so relevant for everyone. Every journey starts with a small idea. Even when we started back in 2015, we started with just 3 students and now we have impacted 1.5 lakhs students from all across the world.

Small changes solve larger problems. Implementing what may seem to be a less significant idea can help you work up to the big picture. 

Become a TED-Ed speaker today !

Identify Your Passion

"What makes your heart beat faster?" The first part of the curriculum has students explore the ideas they're passionate about. By diving into activities that expand curiosity, participants will identify and discuss what matters most to them.

Choose Your Idea

"What is your big idea?" As students journey through the curriculum, they'll be challenged to identify and shape the story only they can tell. Through guided brainstorms and active peer feedback exercises, students will craft their very own TED-style talk.

Start Talking

"How can your idea change the world?" By the end of their cycle, students will have recorded their very own talk and uploaded it to our YouTube channel, which can then be shared with their families, friends, communities and the world.