Young Tinker Academy is a tinker space where students collaborate and learn hands-on skills of the future. It was founded to accelerate the nation’s educational revolution. With ingenuity and drive, our graduates have invented technologies, launched new startups, and created milestones by winning some of the coveted challenges, championships and competitions. Young Tinker Academy is always known for its alumni and students’ achievements.


Our community is growing as a force to attract talent from around the world. Through education, research and innovation, Young Tinker Academy’s extraordinary community pursue a mission to serve the country and the world.


The whole idea emerged in 2015, at that time the idea was not what it looks today.

The journey started with the aim to provide hands-on learning to students. On the initial days, the team started with physical workshops, summer & winter camps and innovation labs wherein the students from different age group can come and learn a new skill. Through these programs, our team impacted lives of 1.5 lakhs+ students.

During pandemic, our tinkering went online! In mid 2020, our 10 membered students team got invited for NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2021. We became the India’s 1st interdisciplinary U-19 team for competing at this international competition and got invited to participate at NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre, Alabama, USA.

Amidst lockdown due to the pandemic, our main concern was teaching students to learn how to manufacture a human-powered rover.

An online program was started to help students learn remotely and work on the rover, leading us to win World Rank 3 at NASA HERC 2021.

It was then we launched our academy in Bhubaneswar for students to take up customized hands-on S.T.E.A.M. courses. Our achievement at NASA is the testimony of our quality mentors and the effective curriculum.

Now with our academy and various tinker spaces, students learn about 3D printing, CAD modeling, Arduino programming, Electronics and circuit designing, robotics and many more.

Winning at NASA

10 students from our academy made history by winning World Rank 3 at NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge (HERC) 2021. This story was covered by several national and international news media including History TV, Brut India, The Better India, ANI, Aaj Tak, Republic TV and many more.

From Odisha's Village to NASA

6 student membered team is selected to represent India at NASA HERC 2023. This team comprises of students from different strata of the societies (including students from urban & rural places, under-privileged and foundlings. This team proves that talent that lies within the grassroots of India.