Young Tinker is a community of learners driven by purpose. The name “Young Tinker” signifies a student-centric approach to learning by doing. Our students discover their purpose through the cultivation of critical thinking, creative imagination, problem-solving abilities, effective communication, and hands-on STEAM skills.

Our community is growing as a force to attract talent from around the world. Through education, research and innovation, Young Tinker Academy’s extraordinary community pursue a mission to serve humanity.

Our Story

In 2015, the seed of our vision was planted, and it looked nothing like what it has become today. Our founder, Shri Anil Pradhan, noticed a gap in education – schools weren’t fully engaging students and helping them find their life’s purpose. Subjects seemed disconnected from their lives. Shri Pradhan was determined to bridge this gap by introducing tinkerspaces in schools and complementing traditional education with a hands-on curriculum.

What began with just three students has now grown to impact over 2.5 lakhs+ students across various schools. We continue to evolve, driven by the belief that every student deserves a purposeful and engaging education.


With ingenuity and drive, our graduates have invented technologies, launched new startups, and created milestones by winning some of the coveted challenges, championships and competitions by NASA, Intel, ISRO, Govt of India and much more. Young Tinker is always known for its alumni and students’ achievements.

Governments, institutions, and global platforms have taken note of Young Tinker’s monumental contributions. The Government of India bestowed Shri Pradhan the prestigious National Youth Award in 2021, a testament to his transformative impact on education, science, and technology. Anil’s profound journey has graced renowned institutions like IIT, IIM, and State Governments where he has been invited to share his awe-inspiring story.

Shri Anil Pradhan’s contributions have earned him several prestigious awards and opportunities, including the National Youth Award from the Government of India, the 3M CII Young Innovation Award with a Special Impact Prize, the Award of Excellence from the Software Technology Parks of India, and the honor of being the Winner of the Science Engagement category at the Berlin Science Week.

He has represented India on various global platforms, including the One Young World summit in Manchester, UK; Berlin Science Week in Germany; the World Youth Forum in Egypt; Bauma Shanghai in China; and the NASA Rover Challenge in Huntsville, USA. His endeavors have truly made a mark on the international stage.

Our Pedagogy

We have devised a teaching approach known as I.C.E. for crafting educational programs aimed at students. In this method, “I” stands for intent, where he motivates students to think critically, take initiative, and explore. The letter “C” signifies content, prompting students to participate in hands-on activities involving tinkering with kits and utilizing workbooks. Lastly, “E” stands for environment, highlighting the importance of specially designed spaces that facilitate effective learning. This method of teaching motivated us to create a range of educational tools, including tinker boxes, tinkerbooks, tinkerstations, and over 1200 teaching aids. These resources are designed to teach life lessons, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), foster innovation, and enhance soft skills.