About Us

Our Timeline

2015 Founders Journey
Started Innovation School

From a School that launched in 2015, we started imparting hands-on learning through our classroom program.

2018 IIT Delhi
Collaborated with IIT Delhi

Started providing innovative exposure programs to students. The program helped us develop our curriculum with the help of IITians.

2019 Foundation
Impacted 1,50,000+ children

We impacted lives of 1,50,000+ students through Navonmesh Prasar Foundation.

Invited by UNESCO TECH

Founders provided hands-on learning workshops to teacher at UNESCO TECH (Transforming Education Conference for Humanity)

2020 Ministry of E & IT
Award of Excellence

Recieved Award of Excellence by Software Technology Parks of India, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt of India.

2020 3M-CII
Special Impact Prize

Recieved YICA Special Impact Prize by 3M and CII.

2020 Online
Started Young Tinker Academy

Pandemic pushed us to started an online academy for students.

2021 NASA MSFC, Alabama
World Rank 3 - NASA Rover Challenge

Our 10 young tinker's team secured world rank 3 in NASA's Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2021.

2021 India
Launched www.youngtinker.com

We launched our online acacdemy for students to take up customised hands-on courses.

Young Tinker Academy is World’s #1 Live online hands-on learning Academy. Young Tinker aims to create scientific temper and cultivate the spirit of curiosity and innovation among young minds.

Our vision is of an Innovative World. Our mission is “to spark ideas, develop skills, and instill leadership” in school children  by bringing creative and innovative hands-on S.T.E.M. education and maker-culture to school students across India.

Young Tinker is a brand of Young Tinker Pvt. Ltd., founded by Revolutionary Educationists, Mr. Anil Pradhan and Ms. Vaishali Sharma

Curious how we started?

It all started with our idea of forming a network of school students who wish to become makers and innovators. This network of students helped  us understand the gap in education system and we started the infamous platform named Young Tinker. 

The platform was then designed to engage students virtually and create a student team from INDIA to compete with international teams at NASA Rover Challenge. We’re proud to share that our team secured World Rank 3 at NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2021 hosted at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre, Alabama, USA. After this success, we’ve now started online hands-on courses for stduents from Grade 1 to 12.

Anil Pradhan

CEO, Young Tinker Academy

Vaishali Sharma

COO, Young Tinker Academy