Summer Tinker Program at Hyderabad

This year, we are introducing hands-on programs for students in grades 6 to 12 in Hyderabad, hosted at the renowned T-Works, India’s largest prototyping center. Join us for an opportunity to acquire new skills this summer. Experience the state-of-the-art facilities at T-Works, complemented by the world-class learning pedagogy offered by Young Tinker Academy and Ideaspedia.

Location: T-Works, Hyderabad

Upcoming cohort starts from 22 May 2024

Our hands-on learning programs for age 10 to 18 years

Smart City Design & Engineering

Gain hands-on experience in STEM concepts by constructing a miniature city featuring solar-powered homes, wind energy generation, sustainable architecture, bridge design, and rainwater harvesting. Develop vital skills in city planning, design thinking, and problem-solving.

Bird House Making: Geometry 101 + Take away kit

Learn woodworking tools, problem-solving, and geometry by crafting real-world solutions, merging skills in a hands-on experience through making a bird house.

Rocket Designing

Explore Rocket Designing! Crafted for curious students, learn rocket modeling, aerodynamics, and hands-on water rocket creation. Develop critical thinking skills.

Satellite Designing + Take away kit

Experience innovation with our CubeSat Program! Construct satellites, engineer parachutes, launch creations, and explore space. Ignite curiosity and propel young minds!

3D Printing 101

Join our 3D Printing program to explore Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D Modeling. Create and print your own designs while mastering design thinking skills.

Our tinker program is designed to promote

Problem solving

Critical thinking

Engineering skills

Profile for universities

Self discovery

Program details

Our program offers flexibility with multiple batches across various cities and dates. Students have the freedom to choose the batch that best suits their schedule and location, ensuring convenient participation tailored to their needs.

What our students have to say?

Program partners

Frequently asked questions

No, however, the location is well connected.

Each program runs for 3 hours daily, with the program dates specified under each program.

The programs will take place at T-Works Hyderabad, starting from the third week of May.

No prior experience or knowledge is required. Our programs are designed to accommodate learners of all levels.

Participants can register online through our website or contact us directly for registration assistance. Alternatively, you can reach us at +91-7801996714

During each program, participants will receive a kit for use throughout the duration of the program. These kits are not for taking home. Take-home kits will only be available for the ‘Bird House Making – Geometry 101’ and ‘Satellite Designing’ programs. Participants or their parents can opt to purchase these kits separately.

Students will construct a water rocket. The rocket will be filled with water, pressurized, and subsequently launched into the air.

Students will construct a cube-sized satellite (cube-sat). The Satellite Launch will entail dropping the cube-sat from a designated height or the roof.

One of our specially curated hands-on workshop

Watch this video on how students from different schools participated in our hands-on workshop conducted in Intellect Design Arena in Chennai.