1. An aggregate count of likes, shares & comments from all the social media platforms of Young Tinker Academy will be considered. 
  2. There is only one way of submitting the entry which is through the Young Tinker Academy website.
  3. The participants are required to upload a short video (max length 1:30 mins) of their project. Heavy filter videos would not be entertained. The participant should be clearly visible in the video
  4. Apart from the video, a write-up explaining the innovative project needs to be updated.
  5. Students will then be shortlisted based on the innovativeness of their project. 
  6. Shortlisted videos will be uploaded to our social media handles and each participant will be assigned a participant number. A mail will be sent to the participant after uploading his/her photo as a sign of confirmation.
  7. The participants are encouraged to tag their friends & family in the comment section of their photos to gather maximum likes, shares & comments.
  8. The entry will be considered only till 20 September 2022.
  9. The top 7 participants will then be highlighted on our website and social media handles.
  10. The last date for considering the counts will be 05 October 2022.
  11. Any participant found using Auto-Like Software or any other unfair means will be immediately disqualified without any prior information.
  12. Last year’s finalists cannot take part in this year’s event.
  13. Young Tinker Academy reserves the right to change any rules regarding the event or disqualify any participant at any point of time.